A Sister City Agreement was officially signed by Mr. Valerio Bettoni, Presidente di la Provincia di Bergamo and Mr. Bob Schilling, President of Pueblo City Council in October 2005.

A delegation from Pueblo visited Bergamo in March 2006 (See gallery). We look forward to the continued development of economic, cultural, educational and sport exchanges with our newly-formed Sister City.

About Bergamo

Bergamo, capital city of the Bergamo province, in Lombardy, Northern Italy, is in in the foothills of the Alps. It is an industrial center and an agricultural market. Manufactures include machinery, textiles, and cement. Originally a Gallic town, Bergamo became an independent commune in the 12th century. It then came under the rule (1329-1427) of the Visconti and then of Venice until 1797, when it was included in the Cisalpine Republic. Bergamo is divided into two sections: the old, hilltop town and the modern, lower sector. Noteworthy buildings in the old town include a Romanesque church (12th cent.), the beautiful Renaissance Colleoni chapel (15th century), and a 14th-century baptistery.